Monday, February 14, 2011

+++ LOVE +++


  1. What a great band! Don't know if you've heard much of their recorded output other than Forever Changes. First two albums are great and also Four Sail. A lotta folks think Forever Changes was their last because Bryan Maclean went on hiatus with that gorilla on his back. But Four Sail has this - - and AT LEAST a handful of other stonewall classics. Dig - it - all!

    Just heard some of Love Lost by Arthur Lee too - recordings from their Black Beauty sessions (it's a recording session they did of all new songs, but were never released up till now, some of which found there way on to Lee's solo LP's later but were by that stage re-recorded). Some of the songs are real Hendrix sounding, which may not be totally your thing. But still very much in the same vein as all the above.


  2. yea dave!! Or should I say F. Zapruder? Ya mad yoke ya! Yay, looking forward to more scribblings =)

  3. That's Senor Zapruder, in blogspiel, to you! Screw scribbling; get downloading; you're missing out.