Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cén chaoi ina bhfuil sibh?

I'm Aoife, a type and graphic designer and pattern junkie from Dublin in Ireland, and this is my room. Precisely, the view from the corner of my bedroom, sitting on my bed, weathering a chest infection. It seems as good a place to start as any. I am a graphic designer and did my time in Dublin Institute of Technology (Mountjoy Square) for my BA (VisComm), before embarking on a meandering journey through paper and letters, until eventually, last year, finding my way onto the MA in Typeface Design in the University of Reading, UK, which I just finished! (You can see my little baby here) So now, onto new adventures, in different places. I'm hoping to basically use this blog as extra headspace, so I can use my brain for storing other things, but we'll see how we go! So hopefully you'll find some stuff you like or maybe share some stuff with me, and we'll mosey on down the road of art, design, music and related hocus pocus together! =)